Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular ways of growing your business as well as creating you a profit.

There are so many features that I include with an Ecommerce website and here are just a few of them;


Various Shipping Options Available

Ship to UK, ship internationally, exclude certain countries and charge anything from Free shipping to any amount…also adjust the cost depending on wight and/or destination.

A variety of Payment Options are included

This includes CASH, BACS (bank transfer) and PayPal. These are all free and included. To have a more professional way of taking payments, a payment gateway can be installed, this means that you can take card payments direct from your website. This is a more costly but professional way of taking payments. These costs are not include what I charge above.

Built-in Product Review System with Star Ratings

Customers have the ability to rate and review products. Restrict to only customers who have an account, customers who have purchased that product and also have SPAM filters set….worried what users might post? well you can hide the review until you approve it.

User Login and Order Tracking

Customer have a dedicated username and password to login in, view their orders and keep track of its progress all of which are controlled by you.

Product Detail Page Displays Related Products

Pictures, desciptions, option variations you choose what your customers see and read. Selling a t-shirt in several colors, several sizes to only a handful of locations….and and different prices? You will be able to edit all of these and much more.

Custom Coupon Codes

Have a sale? want to get more interest of a product by giving it a discount? Well you can add coupons to any/all of your products. You can determine how much is discounted, amount or %, free shipping on orders over X…etc… you can do many different sales running at the same time AND…… expire automatically when it suits you.